Intelligent business process automation.

Entdecken Sie eine künstliche Intelligenz, die Ihr Business versteht.

What we do

Cognotekt optimises business processes with the help of artificial intelligence.

Automation with Cognotekt goes far beyond big data technology. With our methods, knowledge-based, intelligent business processes can be transferred into operative mathematics. And significantly improved as a result: in terms of time, costs, quality, performance. We accompany the digital change of our clients from the feasibility study to front-end training. Our software-as-a-service comprises a success-focused license model, which combines the advantages of cost transparency, low IT complexity and user-friendly user interface for you.


Claims management and performance management insurance

Process cost reduction and reduction of loss amounts

Know your customer - with AI

Customer intelligence through AI reading of the web

Process management insurance

Optimised lead times, process costs and customer focus

Application management insurance

Prognosis of insurance costs and risk evolution

Call centre expert support

Maximised service quality with complex customer inquiries

Debt collection management

Process cost reduction and maximisation of successful payments

Further solutions

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Why Cognotekt?

What makes us unique

We have new, one-of-a-kind technology which is used to translate linguistic (text and verbal) content into mathematics in a way that retains its sense. As a result, we can mathematically map the ideas expressed in a text paragraph, for example, and then use it for calculations. This creates new possible uses anywhere where language must be understood and processed. Intelligent heads for artificial intelligence.

The enjoyment of content

Cognotekt translates specialist processes into higher mathematics. Our mission is the mathematisation of the economy in dialogue with various academic disciplines. With the aim of reducing costs through clear mathematical statements and improving quality in the long term.

Smart Minds for smart solutions

That requires precise understanding. For this reason, a team of linguists, mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists and economists at Cognotekt concentrate on the specialist content of client processes. With the aim of mapping commercial language logically and purposefully into digital structures.

Small steps, major effect

We are not aiming for a big bang effect. Instead, we stand for an agile, incremental procedure, which advances our clients gradually. We react to client wishes flexibly and with a great variety of methods, rather than procedurally. With the aim of creating the greatest possible benefit for you.

Who we are

Cognotekt has functioned as an artificial intelligence company since 2013.

What you can rely on

Our projects start on a rock-solid foundation. With exact problem analyses, prototypisation of the solution and the creation of a business plan. On request, we can provide you with simulations and parts of the source code. Established standards, such as Linux and C++, and tried-and-tested developments, such as Go, form the basis of our software and cloud platform.

On the safe side

We offer you high levels of data and process reliability. We record client data in an anonymous manner using SSL encoding. In addition, the process sequence is memoryless and occurs in an isolated, very flexible infrastructure. Because our cloud solution is based on an ultra-secure, certified computer centre.

Responsible deployment

Through test and integration phases to the final production endpoint: we are characterised by consistent and continual deployment. We bring extensive experience with us for this: service-focused architecture, SOA evolution roadmaps for legacy systems, enterprise integration patterns, a wide range of solutions for user interface integration and much more.


Dr. Jobst Landgrebe

Cognotekt founder and shareholder. Doctor and mathematician, 16 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, 8 years as a management consultant and software architect. Specialised in the design and implementation of holistic AI solutions. Experienced in the insurance industry.

Dr. Dankwart von Schultzendorff

Cognotekt shareholder and responsible for the insurance business. Economist, 30 years of experience as manager, executive and supervisory board member in the insurance industry. Broad and deep expertise, experience of divisions, acquisitions and reorganisations. Substantiated market knowledge.

Axel Bock

Head of infrastructure. Electrical engineer with 15 years of experience in cloud computing and virtual computer centres. Guarantor for highly available, reliable and scalable computation of your applications on the cloud or on Linux clusters on the premises.

Dr. Matthias Makowski

Head of mathematics. Mathematician with a specialisation in differential geometry. Very experienced in the field of complex AI robots and AI engineering with C++, Python and R. Experience with AI robots for private health insurances and call centres.

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