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Illustration Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Free your back office from routine tasks and streamline processes with intelligent automation.

Illustration Textmining

Text Mining

Gain valuable information from large amounts of unstructured text data. Quick and accurate.

Illustration Sentiment Analyse

Sentiment Analysis

Understand what people talk about from their written communication.

Wernicke® NLP Technology

In the beginning was the word.

Cognotekt AI technology

Intelligence means understanding: Cognotekt has developed one of the most powerful technologies for semantic text analysis currently available. Our mind-mapping natural language technology Wernicke®1 exploits mathematical logic instead of probability calculations to determine the semantic content of written text. As a result, text categorization and data extraction is more accurate than with any other solution, creating opportunities for a multitude of real world business applications.

  1. Carl Wernicke (1848 – 1905), German physician and neuropathologist. Did groundbreaking research on the localization of brain functions, speficially in speech (“Wernicke’s Speech Area”). ↩︎


From here you operate rationally.

Based on our universally applicable Wernicke® platform, we develop easy-to-implement systems for a wide variety of industries. The spectrum ranges from plug-and-play solutions as SaaS offerings for specific business domains to completely tailor-made projects. We accompany your entry into semantic text analysis from the feasibility study to front-end training with 360-degree service.

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About us

We speak mathematics.

At Cognotekt, mathematicians, linguists, physicists and computer scientists work on one of the most interesting challenges of digitization: semantic text analysis with natural language processing technology.

Our Wernicke® technology already goes far beyond the performance of conventional speech technologies and we want to achieve even more. That is why we invest a large part of our research and development effort in the question of how language can be formalized and interpreted by automata. In addition to this core technology, the further development of our simple, cloud-based application infrastructure forms the second pillar of our business.

Cognotekt was founded in 2013 by the physician and mathematician Dr. Jobst Landgrebe and is still owner-managed.

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Clever minds in demand.

Challenge AI: If you are one of the best in your field, then continue the Cognotekt success story with us. Apply for one of our currently vacant positions or send us your unsolicited application. We look forward to bright minds!

Zur Zeit haben wir keine Jobangebote online. Wir freuen uns jederzeit über deine Initiativbewerbung!

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