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Learn how Eloquent® works.

AI-supported workflow automation is expensive, difficult to implement and does not deliver what it promises? None of this is true for Eloquent®. Eloquent® is not a 360° suite for customer service automation, but an intelligent middelware that integrates seamlessly into your IT system landscape. Maintain proven CRM processes and benefit from productivity gains with Eloquent® in no time.


Incoming mail is received as email or letter and is transferred as free text (OCR) to your ticket system or CRM.


Eloquent® receives the correspondence, classifies the request and extracts the information contained. The result returns Eloquent® as a usable data set. Cases of doubt are forwarded to a validation instance.


Subsequent systems take over automated functions, for example automatic answering, updating of master data and much more.

Automate business-critical processes

Why you can trust Eloquent®.

Eloquent® is not a generic AI that can do “everything”. On the contrary, Eloquent® was developed to do only one thing but this in perfection: understanding free text. After appropriate training, Eloquent® recognizes with over 99% accuracy whether the incoming correspondence is relevant for the respective business process or not. Thus, fully automatic, case-closing correspondence processing is no longer a game of chance.

Eloquent® is based on Wernicke®, our superior natural-language-processing technology, and runs on highly available cloud systems with multiple redundancy — 247-availability avoiding waiting times and providing scalability at all times.

We would be happy to provide you with further data and facts on safe mailroom automation with Eloquent®. Please contact us!

Availability in the Cloud

*Eloquent® hardly ever overlooks relevant customer requests and always realizes when it cannot process a text.

Application examples and advantages

How Eloquent® works for you.

Eloquent® can be used across sectors and in many different ways. Depending on the task, the automation advantages that can be achieved are enormous. And thanks to our fair, unit-based licensing model, the AI machine pays for itself in a short time. This is worthwhile, starting from approx. 500 incoming messages per day!

Meter-reading messages in the energy industry

The same game every day: energy suppliers receive thousands of messages from private customers, e.g. meter readings. Processing takes time and personnel - and can be successfully automated. Eloquent® understands the issue and independently triggers subsequent processes, such as the updating of master data or the annual statement of accounts.

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Customer correspondence in debt-collecting business

A few typical requests keep debt-collecting aencies busy, such as confirmations of willingness to pay, requests for payment by instalments and deferment of payment. With Eloquent® you drastically reduce the processing time of such requests and ensure faster payment receipt.

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Contractual matters in the insurance industry

The contractual process with direct insurers is highly dynamic. Keep up the pace by integrating Eloquent® into your processes. This allows for a quicker treatment of notices of termination or for immediately making attractive binding offers to customers who are willing to leave. We will be happy to advise you.

Strengthening customer loyalty
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Which business process would you like to automate?

These are only three of the many possible applications for Eloquent®. Which automation task in the mailroom would you like to solve? We would be happy to provide you with detailed and industry-specific advice on mailroom automation with Eloquent®. Contact us, we are looking forward to your questions!



Realistic AI for real business

Behind Eloquent® is Cognotekt, a team of more than 30 mathematicians, linguists, physicists and computer scientists. Together we focus on the development of AI applications that fulfill precisely defined automation tasks reliably and safely.

The key to this is Wernicke®, our natural-language-processing technology, 100 percent of which is developed in-house. Unlike conventional machine-learning solutions, Wernicke® does not have to be trained with many millions of data records to ensure that content is recognized in a meaningful way. 5,000 to 7,000 data records per domain are sufficent, then Wernicke® will understand.

The results are AI applications that deliver more than they promise and are immediately usable for many markets and company sizes: Realistic AI for real business.

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Minimal Data required*
> 30
Physicists, mathematicians,
Developed inhouse

*AI machines from Cognotekt require up to 10,000 times less training data than generic deep-learning applications.