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  • Automated eligibility verification in health insurance

     Magazin Versicherungswirtschaft |   Dr. Jobst Landgrebe |   11. Januar 2018

    “The true digitalisation potential is not the paperless office, but the automation of business processes by means of digital technologies.” – In the November 2018 issue of the German journal Versicherungswirtschaft, Dr. Jobst Landgrebe gives an overview of the application of Artificial Intelligence for automated eligibility verification in private health insurance. His résumé: The technology exists, but organisations need to join in.

    Specialist article “Vom Regelautomaten zur kognitiven Maschine – Künstliche Intelligenz erschließt ungeahnte Potenziale im PKV-Schadenmanagement” read online (Paywall, German language)

  • Cognotekt named a Top-25 Insurtech

     Cognotekt |   Christoph Lieck |   02. Januar 2018

    British management consultancy Oxbow Partners has named Cognotekt a Top-25 technology firm with great impact on the insurance industry according to their InsurTech Impact Report 2018. Cognotekt has been invited to join Oxbows InsurTech Impact 25 Forum as a Member accordingly.

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